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I love singing in the shower, drinking cold coffee, watching horror movies, and designing custom logo and corporate identity. I can develop a whole new identity for your brand or give a facelift to the existing one. I emphasize on providing tailor-made services. I know both big pictures and the smallest details need attention to make a great idea come to life. More than four years of successful freelancing for clients across the planet has given me the expertise necessary to offer you the design, the image, and the identity your company deserves. As a freelancer, my role is that of a customer service professional as much as that of a designer. You can always develop a level of trust and confidence that your job will be done right ... on time ... and on budget.

I have a simple Six-Step Design Process —
(1) identify: In order to accurately assess the project’s objective, I ensure that client’s need is identified.
(2) investigate: I investigate the client's industry, marketing strategy, target audience, competition etc.
(3) integrate: The first two steps are integrated to form the best plan of action to accomplish the objective.
(4) illustrate: Using concepts formed in prior steps, my ideas are given shape and the results are illustrated.
(5) improve: Necessary improvements are made to meet the client's needs as well as the industry standard.
(6) introduce: The project reaches completion and the final creation is ready to be introduced to the audience.
And just in case you’re wondering, my name is Neel.


Logo & Corporate Design

I am an expert in creating logo and corporate designs for all business sectors. Understanding your brand message and then conveying it successfully through your logo is my top forte. You are assured of a consistent level of quality in my designs which you can rely upon to build your brand.

Cartoon & Illustration

Whether it be a quirky character or your own avatar, I have wealth of experience in creating eye-catching cartoon character, caricature and mascots to get you make a difference in the market. Give your business a competitive advantage with a custom character to grab and hold people's attention.

Web & Print Graphic

I find a passion in custom designing stunning business cards, letterheads, flyers, brochures, posters, banners etc. to ensure your brand makes a lasting impression. In addition, I can create other branding visuals and graphics, develop websites and animations to make your business stand out from the crowd.


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What Makes a Good Logo

In its May 15, 2003, 35th Anniversary 'American Icon' issue, Rolling Stone magazine ranked the following logos as the 8 best logos of the past 35 years –

CocaCola, Playboy, Apple, IBM Starbucks, Nike, FedEx, McDonald's
“Part advertisement, part genius, these are the modern hieroglyphics that world can’t get out of its head!” Gavin Edwards of Rolling Stone wrote about them in his article 'The Logo.' What made those logos that successful?

The Seven Types of Logos

Countless numbers of shapes and styles can be formed in the world of designing. There are different types of logos and each varies in its design process and complexity. I have sorted them into 7 different categories to help you understand it better.

Target, Visa, HP, Versace WWF, Gatorade, Bentley
One must know about those types to develop a unique identity for your business.


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