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LOGOYOGi is not a big agency with several offices worldwide. Bigger is not necessarily better. It’s just an enthusiastic individual with his innovative mind putting creativity into every corporate and graphic design project he handles.

About He was born in the land of rich heritage, diverse culture and bright future – INDIA. Hey, that makes him a proud Indian. Self-employed since 2007, He spends most of his days wondering how to have few pet monkeys. Keeping monkeys as pets in India is illegal. The rest of his time is spent to design killer logo and corporate identities.

As per Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, he falls into the INFP category. He worships Tarzan. Wishes he could do his trademark scream. He can speak a little bit of the Mangani language though.

The question that arises now is . . . who is he? A city boy with a country heart? A design geek with some animation knowledge? An extraterrestrial scout living in this blue planet? Hell yes, you got it right. I’m talking about myself in the third person. Did I just sound like a conceited fool?

I have created this website for anyone who is interested in me, or my work. Please take a look around while you are here, and enjoy each of your mouse clicks.

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